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MADiE 1.0.0 is Now Available

MADiE (Measure Authoring Development Integrated Environment) allows users to develop and test measures in an integrated workspace using QI-Core profile informed authoring and testing capabilities.  Visit the MADiE MVP tab to learn how to access and use MADiE.

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MAT and Bonnie User Group

The MAT and Bonnie User Group is an open forum to discuss the status of the tools and gather community and user feedback on planned enhancements and releases.  A new appointment series has been created from May 2022 – April 2023.  The User Group is scheduled to meet the third Thursday of every month.  To register for the new MAT and Bonnie User Group series please navigate here to access the meeting appointment.

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MAT Version 6.10

The Measure Authoring Tool 6.10 has been successfully released.  Please see the Training & Resources section of the site for additional information including Release Notes and an Updated User Guide.

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