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The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services

Open Source Community

Technical Details

Are there step-by-step instructions for setting up the MAT from source code?

Yes. For individuals who are comfortable with performing the installation of software components and modules, step-by-step instructions exist here. The code repository for the MAT is located at GitHub.
**It is important to note that the MAT Support Desk can not support the set-up or maintenance of any instance of the MAT installed on a network outside of SemanticBits.

What web browsers can be used with the MAT?

The MAT currently supports the latest versions of Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, or Mozilla Firefox. Chrome is the recommended browser.

What technologies does the MAT use?

The MAT uses Java as its programming language. It also utilizes the Google Web Toolkit framework, MySQL database, JavaScript, and XSLT.

Is the MAT related to HL7 (HQMF)?

The MAT supports an export of an XML file based on the HL7 HQMF standard along with other exports generated based on the Clinical Quality Language (CQL).

Can I download a previous version of the MAT?

Yes. Previous versions of the MAT may be found by searching through the commit history for the version you wish to install.

Open Source

How is communication managed on the open source project?

Current activities and public communication are maintained on this website. Whenever possible, please utilize resources available here. For further information, you can contact the MAT Support Desk via the Contact Us page of this website.

Can I contribute software source code to the MAT?

Yes. Code contributions, bug fixes, and enhancement requests are all welcome. A requirement for contributing is that any and all software contributed to the MAT project is released under an Apache 2.0 open source distribution license, and that you transfer copyright of any code submitted. Do not include any third party software in a submission. If third party software is required, you must include detailed instructions on how to acquire that software directly from the third party.

To submit a new feature for consideration, you must set up an account at GitHub. Log in, navigate to the MAT repository, and fork the MAT code to create a branch. When your contribution is complete, email the link to your MAT branch to the MAT Support Desk. You must include an explanation of the included changes.

If you wish to contribute a bug or enhancement request, contact the MAT Support Desk with either the details to reproduce the bug, or a detailed description about the suggested enhancement.

Are there coding conventions that I must follow to submit code?

Yes. The MAT open source community is dedicated to ensuring that the code base always meets a high standard. Any code contribution should adhere to both Checkstyle and PMD coding standards. Further, any code contributions must include mature unit tests in order to be accepted and presented to the MAT Change Control Board.

What response can I expect after submitting a code contribution?

Your contribution will be tracked and then evaluated by the MAT development team. You will receive a response that this process has begun within two business days of submission. Once the team has evaluated your contribution, you will receive notice of the next step. The contribution will either be rejected, with an applicable explanation, or added to the MAT Change Control Board agenda to review and prioritize.