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Registering for a MAT User Account

How do I register for a MAT Account?

Prior to receiving a user name and password for the MAT, you will need to complete a New User Registration form which can be downloaded by clicking the link below:

Measure Authoring Tool New User Registration Form

Please complete the form according to the directions listed within the document. The form must be notarized and the original form must be mailed to the MAT Support Desk at the following address:

MAT Support Desk
1776 West Lakes Parkway
West Des Moines, IA 50266

What information will I have to provide to get an account?

In addition to contact information, you will also need to provide your organization's Object Identifier (OID). If your organization has a registered OID, please continue to use that OID. If your Organization does not not have an OID, you may register for an OID using the HL7 OID Registry at, or if HL7 registry is not required for your measures, you can request that the MAT generate a UUID for your organization that is specific to the MAT.

How will I know when my account has been created?

Once your application is received, the Support Desk will review the information and create your MAT account typically within two business days. You will receive three emails following the creation of your account. The first email will contain your User ID, the second email will contain a temporary password that should be used when you initially sign in to the MAT, and the third email will be from MAT Support indicating that your Symantec (TM) VIP Credential ID has been successfully registered with your MAT account.

What do I do if my MAT Account is no longer needed?

If you no longer need your MAT account, please email a request to revoke the account to, or use the Contact Us form on the Contact Us page of the MAT public website to inform the Support Desk that the account is no longer needed.

For complete instructions to become a MAT user, please refer to the User Guide or the Quick Reference Link in the 'Links' section to the right.

User Guide

Measure Authoring Tool User Guide

The Measure Authoring Tool User Guide provides step-by-step instructions on the features of the tool. Including but not limited to:

  • Management of your user account information
  • Creation and Maintenance of Measure Details
  • Construction of Measure Components and the CQL Workspace
  • Measure Versioning
  • Measure Packaging and Measure Export formats

If additional assistance is required, please visit the Contact Us page for information on the MAT Support Desk.

Clinical Quality Language (CQL)

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) has announced that electronic clinical quality measures (eCQMs) in CMS quality programs will be transitioned to use the Clinical Quality Language (CQL) standard (CQL Release 1, Standard for Trial Use (STU) 2) for logic expression. CQL is a Health Level Seven International standard and aims to unify the expression of logic for eCQMs and Clinical Decision Support (CDS). CQL provides the ability to better express logic defining measure populations to improve the accuracy and clarity of eCQMs.

For additional information regardig CQL, please visit the eCQI resource center at

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