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The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services

Measure Authoring Tool version 5.8.2 Released

The deployment of the Measure Authoring Tool (MAT) version 5.8.2 into the production environment was successful. The release notes for the MAT version 5.8.2 can be found on the MAT public website at this link

New features of the MAT version 5.8.2 include:

Production Measure Authoring Tool:

  • Correction of a typographical error in the System Use Notification page
  • Visibility of Accept button in System Use Notification page
    • On some monitors and devices, the page buttons weren't visible unless the user decreased font size
  • 508 Compliance remediation to the MAT HTML templates
    • HTML titles were made unique with the addition of the measure version
    • Tables row and column headers now contain 'th' elements
    • Layout tables now contain "role = presentation" to clearly identify them as layout tables
  • Tuple Issue Resolution
    • When using a tuple as a function parameter, MAT pulls the spaces out from the tuple declaration, our fix will prevent the spaces from being removed

Measure Authoring Tool Public Facing Website:

  • Login button not working for Internet Explorer (IE)
    • The login button worked for most browsers and versions but in some versions of IE it did not launch the login page
  • Helpdesk email address incorrect on the Contact Us page
  • Updated link to the MAT Registration form on the Training & Resources page